Rapid Hydrocarbon Release Detection


Real-time Detection of Any Hydrocarbon Is Possible

The Oilrove detection system provides reliable, early warning of hydrocarbon spills, allowing for faster response times and, consequently, less environmental impact. It is acost-effective and real-time systemthat can be applicable for various settings from deep sea settings and estuarine environments to terrestrial installations such as pipelines and even isolated underground storage tanks.

It is versatile and deployable on hydrocarbon facilities, marine vessels, buoys and unmanned surface vehicles (USV). Oilrove offers coverage for every part of the globe, from the North Pole to the South Pole, on land or sea. Oilrove is a weather-resistant solution with the lowest latency available.


Mohsen Janmaleki,

Founder, CEO

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Liquid Hydrocarbon



Leaks Reported



Each Sensor Node

Oilrove Is a Solution for Different Applications
Cost Effective

You pay $100 ($1000) for each Oilrove sensor working in terrestrial (maritime) applications.


With minimum requirements, Our sensors can be easily installed by lodging close to a pipeline. 


Oilrove's rapid response can significantly enhance the effectiveness of recovery and preventative procedures.


Versatile: Oilrove is an Internet of Things-based system that detects oil spills in remote and near aquatic and terrestrial environments.


Working Together Is Success

“The sensors created by Sensyn Inc. represent a method of detecting leaks in infrastructure that entirely compliment the design of theEnvirolock Secondary Containment Systems.Envirolock captures and holds leaks in pipelines in an annulus created by the Envirolock system itself. Envirolock forces leaks to move laterally along the pipe not in the environment.

The strategic placement of the sensors inside the Envirolock System will guarantee early detection in a much more economical way then most current leak detection sensors/systems such as fiber optic cables, but with much greater certainty of detection and with zero chance of a “false alarm”, if a hydrocarbon is detected inside Envirolock, it’s because there’s a leak in the pipe, period”


Larry Young

Founder, CEO Total Containment Inc.

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Amir Bahman Radnejad, Ph.D.

Bahman is a seasoned leader with two decades of experience in startups, business development, and innovation. As Sensyn's CEO, he leverages his expertise to commercialize various technologies. His extensive experience in the energy and sustainability sectors includes collaborations with startups and corporations across Canada, the UK, and the US.
Speciality: Business Development & Innovation


Mohsen Janmaleki, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, CTO
Mohsen is an expert in nanomaterials and electronics with over 15 years of operational and executive experience in academia and industry. He has successfully developed advanced electronic and mechanical devices for industrial and research applications. During his postdoctoral fellowship, he led the development of Oilrove. His extensive experience positions him perfectly to lead Sensyn to new heights.
Speciality: R&D and Management

Steven Bryant, Ph.D.

Steven is a co-inventor of the Oilrove detector. Aside from Sensyn Inc., he has led a research program that has produced more than 20 inventions in the last four years. He is a Chief Scientist at two sites of the Creative Destruction Lab.

Speciality: Nanomaterial and Digital Petrophysics
Degrees: PhD

Erin Gawron-Hyla, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, CEO
Erin holds a PhD in chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology. During her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Calgary, she worked on the sensor film.

Speciality: Electrochemistry and Conductive Polymers
Degrees: PhD

Stephanie Kedzior, Ph.D.

Advisory Board
Stephanie received her PhD in chemical engineering from McMaster University. During her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Calgary.

Speciality: Nanoparticle and Polymer Synthesis
Degrees: PhD.
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What Others Say About Us
Adam Karcz
Adam Kartz

I am impressed by the accomplishments that Sensyn has made in a short period of time.


Larry Young

Oilrove is what we have been seeking to use in our technology.



We have Sensyn's technology on our radar.



Oilrove helps decision makers devise effective emergency spill response plans.

At Sensyn Inc., we have commitment to provide real-time and accurate information about the spill and the surrounding environment, it enables decision makers to plan effective emergency maneuvers.

Oilrove is versatile and deployable on pipelines, hydrocarbon production facilities, gathering networks, underground storage tanks, and even buoys in harbors. Our solution provides coverage of oil and gas infrastructure on land and by sea in every part of the globe using with through LEO satellite constellations and IoT network.

Oilrove has demonstrated desirable performance over different environmental conditions: from extremely cold (-60℃) to hot (+70℃) temperatures, and relative humidity of 10% to 90%. This unique property guarantees no false positive signals being generated by our sensors in extreme climate conditions.

In the event of a leak, it is very straightforward to replace the sensing element with a new one within seconds. There is a small cost associated with each sensing element.

Each sensor node can be installed in remote area less than 5 minutes, runs on batteries for 20 years. It can also be equipped with energy harvesting module or connected to the power grid.

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